In these times of unrest, worry and fear, you are being called to slow down.

What if,

your spirit
your soul

is calling you to be still enough to nurture your heart?

In this weekend wellness retreat, you will be invited to ground into the soil and plant new seeds of love. You will enjoy resting in a magically eco-made home in Quedjinup (near Dunsborough) with your fellow soul sisters surrounded by nature.

Brown Girl Bloom - Black woman meditating

Ready for a blissful retreat in nature?

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this retreat has limited space, so we urge you to book as soon as possible. Registration closes on 21 may 2021

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"I went to the Gracetown Retreat, it was really amazing and restful, I enjoyed being able to connect with other amazing women, I was grateful for the wholesome food, reflections, we walked down to the beach and did a session, danced and enjoyed the sun setting, so much joy to be around good energy, thank you so much giving me this opportunity Val x, so much love for you, always"

- Bella

"When I arrived at Brown Girl Bloom Wellness Retreat in this beautiful house with ocean view in Gracetown, I was living through my thoughts. Thoughts of personal life, professional life, every day life, ...Thoughts that constantly push me away from reconnecting with myself, from being present. I also arrived with thoughts of hope, and these hopes were answered very well! Big highlight -among others - being the soul-full (energy) healing session in nature. It allowed me to be present in my mind and body. The meditations near the ocean with the crashing sound of the waves on the rocks, the space to externalise feelings without being judge, laughing like you’ve just discovered it, the art session, the meditation dance, the plant based food that was so fresh and delicious,... put me in a reset mode. I left with joy, gratefulness. Thank you Valerie for creating this safe space full of positive energy, wisdom, guidance, love. I highly recommend it to all my sisters out there!"

- Oumou

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