Oftentimes the people that need space for healing the most lack access to wellness resources due to financial constraints. We must acknowledge that when even one rose is wilting, we are all wilting. Deep healing requires a collective movement of healing.

"I am very happy and feel lucky to have discovered Brown Girl Bloom. It gave me a safe space to learn or embrace new things - like meditation, a path to connect to the Black women, a freedom to express some deepest fears and much more. All and always done in a relaxed and positive energy. I would highly recommend my fellow sisters out there to not hesitate on joining this beautiful purpose." - Oumou

Bla(c)k women are in need of loving spaces to nurture their hearts and Brown Girl Bloom focuses on serving this need in profound ways.

Accessibility in the wellness space has often been a barrier to entry for many Black, Indigenous and women of colour. We desire spaces that fill us with a sense of love and peace, that inspire us to open our hearts.

This wellness fund has been created to serve an unmet need within our communities. This fund will serve to support Bla(c)k women (African and Aboriginal women) in Perth whom are seeking wellness support through Brown Girl Bloom but lack the financial means.

Click the Paypal link below to support the wellbeing of African and Aboriginal women.

If you're an African or Aboriginal woman struggling financially and would like wellness support through Brown Girl Bloom please contact us at browngirlbloom@gmail.com

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