collective circle of healing for black, Indigenous and women of colour



holistic healing of the body, mind, spirit + community


there is no set path to coming home to love + peace

there is no sole way of re-connecting with your inner light

each journey is rich with discovery + re-awakenings

soul sister circles provide a guiding light to your journey home, but how you arrive is completely up to you

The truth is this sacred space does not exist to create an instructional manual to healing. Only you carry the knowledge of what will truly nurture your healing journey.

In a self-centred ego-centric world. we are often surrounded by darkness, constantly seeking fulfilment in external attainments, often numbing ourselves through toxic cultural ideologies & behaviours that continue to take us a further away from our true selves.

Peace + love can be found in the stillness of life. Soul sister circles support you by curating a loving space for you to slow down + heal.

you are love.

you are abundant.

you are light.

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a gentle reminder

“What the caterpillar calls the end, the rest of the world calls a butterfly.” - Lao Tzu

always remember to enjoy the journey., this is where the flowers bloom

the beauty of life arises when you slow down and become immersed in the present moment. enjoy a snippet of this magical wellness retreat in Western Australia


I had the most amazing experience with Valerie while attending her vision board workshop. She has a truly beautiful soul and is a master at her craft. Valerie created such a wonderful space for us to explore our vision and hopes for our futures. Her nurturing and inclusive spirit ensured we all felt safe and supported. I can’t wait to attend her next workshop. 10/10 Highly recommend!

— adrienne

manifest your vision workshop

I first got acquainted with Brown Girl Bloom when I attended the Manifest Your Vision wellness workshop. It was such a lovely and inspiring event! Valerie has cultivated a truly unique, beautiful, and loving space for women of colour. I highly recommend coming to any of Brown Girl Bloom’s next events!

— vanessa

manifest your vision workshop

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