healing from the inside out

soul-full healing

utilising the power of energy healing (reiki) to help women re-centre and re-balance

Energy Healing

healing is an ongoing, continuously evolving journey

Many of us carry pain that leaves us in an unbalanced state. Being unbalanced or un-centred for prolonged periods of time (some even for many years) shifts our reality and our pain then becomes our identity. Darkness can spark growth and evolution but if unaddressed will simply perpetuate more cycles of pain and suffering.

In these uniquely curated 1 : 1 soul-full healing sessions, you will experience the power of energy healing (reiki). Reiki dates back to the teachings of Mikao Usui in Japan in the early 1920's. It is not a form of religion but rather a natural healing treatment that works holistically on the body, mind and spirit. Through connecting to your highest energy source (God, Allah, Universe), I use my palms to lift energetic blockages and re-balance your chakras.

Along with your energy healing session, there will be a wellness mentoring component to give you insight into tools to take home, intentions to create and patterns to break.

Being in a continuous state of balance is to acknowledge the inevitable ebb and flow of life itself. These sessions serve in continuing to re-root you back into your inner light.

want to address your anxiety or depression

Anxiety and depression has increased significantly over the past 10 years. I am here to let you know that your pain is valid and reiki sessions will help support your healing.

Want to heal physical pain and problems

Research has shown that Reiki helps to remove emotional blockages and relieve stress. Both are often linked to physical pain and problems. This practice will help induce relaxation and support your healing.

want to heal from painful experiences

Often we hold painful and traumatic experiences from our childhood in our body. In turn this pain takes form in our life and is detrimental to our wellbeing. Reiki sessions help uproot those past experiences and open new doorways to healing.

Due to the current climate of the new variants emerging in Western Australia, I have decided to postpone any further in-person healing sessions until it is safe for every soul sister to engage with my healing space. Until then, I highly encourage you to tap into the 'Life Purpose Discovery' one on one session that is held online and the printable wellness journals. Be well soul sisters.

COVID-19 Update


What's included in the soul-full healing session?

How much does each soul-full healing session cost?

Each session includes a needs assessment, 25 minute energy healing session and 1:1 wellness mentoring session (includes providing wellness tools to implement post-session)

Each sessions runs for 45 minutes for $80 AUD.

What is the refund policy?

Are sessions solely for Bla(c)k, Indigenous and Women of Colour?

You must cancel via the booking system or via email to browngirlbloom@gmail.com 3 days in advance in order to get a refund.

Yes, this space was created solely for Bla(c)k, Indigenous and Women of Colour. I do offer private sessions outside of Brown Girl Bloom, please email vogoke@gmail.com for enquiries.


Brown girl bloom is a space in which I found such deep emotional healing and felt such deep love. As a black girl, I got to feel soft, and tender and feminine and completely seen and cherished. Valerie’s energy healing session deeply impacted me and gave me a feeling of rest that I had been craving for months.

Highly Highly Recommend

I don't think there's a word for how amazing my experience with Brown Girl Bloom has been.

I did the Soul-Full (energy ) healing session and at that particular stage in my life I was depleted in a way I didn't understand. I didn't have much expectations when I walked in but when I walked out, I felt a little bit lighter, I felt understood and supported and a sense of clarity. I'm so grateful to Valerie for creating a safe, non judgemental healing space for us. This is what we definitely need.

- tina

- mandera

Come join us on this magical journey of love

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