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a virtual one on one session to support you in gaining a deeper understanding of your inner essence and your purpose on this earth

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My core gift is helping others to connect to love. I give this by helping them to be in service of others and listening to who they can become so they can live out their dreams.

"Everyone is gifted. This means that everyone has something to give. A person who does not feel gifted is lost in a pit of oblivion and confusion. The question is:

what happens when what you do does not align with who you are?

It means you are betraying the very vitality that defines you and thus inviting great pain into your life."

- our elder, Malidoma Some

your right of passage is the emergence from passing through a threshold of suffering and deep pain

your 'life purpose' is your core gift, your right of passage

This means the particular thing you can either do better or believe in more strongly due to going through a significant challenge in your life

Who is this ideal for?

This process is helpful for anyone 18 years or older who is :

What does the session involve?

I will go through a series of questions crafted to unravel and reveal your unique true essence. Unlike commonly use strengths-based assessment tools with pre-determined choices, this process pulls from your own words and soul's calling. There are no two of the same core gift statements, each is uniquely based on the individual. There are 5 phases and it takes about 1.5hrs in total, but always leave room for 2hrs. It is a peaceful and welcoming session where you will find yourself connecting dots, all while smiling and enjoying the journey.

- 'One on one virtual 'Life Purpose Discovery' session (1.5hrs)

- Reflection resource kit to support this new beginning in your journey

- Your own unique and personalised Core Gift Statement

Cost: $200 AUD

What does a 'life purpose discovery' session include?


"I love this space! I sat down and completed the Life Purpose Workshop with Valerie. It provided a lot of clarity in seeing who I am and what I am on this earth to do. Asking and answering a lot of questions I’ve never felt brave enough to. It was also a lot of fun to do - where you get to laugh along the way and feel a sense of brightness about what this earth needs from you and how you give your gift to your world. Valerie has a lot of wisdom on life purpose, so I can’t think of a better person to journey with in finding my own."

- Vuma

"Today, my Soul underwent a deep discovery of purpose. Valerie was able to walk me through a process to reveal my core gift. I was at a crossroad in my life and needed some sense of direction. The anxiety of being stuck was too much for me. She could feel it already, and helped me surrender to my fear of the unknown. It was such an eye-opening experience. The clarity right now is overwhelming. I know now what I have to do. I feel at peace. Thank you Valerie for the time and energy you gifted to me. I am looking forward to this brand new journey of Soul discovery. You are ethereal!"

- Nidal

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